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Franzen and the Ebook Bubble

A lot (dozens) of people have emailed me or left comments about two semi-related articles.

One concerns author Jonathan Franzen, and his comments about ebooks.

The other is a UK article about the supposed ebook bubble.

Franzen's thoughts, and the whole "bubble" idea, amuse me. But let me assure ebook authors everywhere that there is nothing to be alarmed about.

One of Franzen's quotes is:

"Maybe nobody will care about printed books 50 years from now, but I do."

Good for him. But his opinion is hardly universal. Amazon supposedly sold 6 million Kindle Fires in the last three months.

The grand literati concept of "Story" with a capital S has nothing to do with the media that delivers it. The story doesn't exist on paper. Or as e-ink, or screen pixels, or even mp3 audio compression.

The Story exists in the reader's/listener's head.

I anticipated this reaction of Luddites and paper fetishists two years ago.

Franzen could have saved himself from looking silly by reading my blog. But the same can be said about scores of writers, agents, and publishers, and it is my flawed conceit that logic, common sense, and hard data can change people's minds.

“Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.” - Jacob M. Braude

It is worth noting here that I was once, pre-Kindle, 100% against self-publishing. I changed my mind as new data came in.

But I digress.

As for the ebook bubble, I put this meme to bed and rocked it to everlasting sleep a year ago:

So what have we learned, other than the fact that I'm eerily prescient?

1. People fear change. When change happens, they dig in like ticks and try to defend their long-held and closely-cherished beliefs. (BTW, another term for long-held/closely cherished belief is prejudice. And prejudice ain't good.)

2. The same memes about ebooks keep getting circulated again and again and again because folks are too lazy to do any kind of simple research to inform their opinions.

3. Ebooks are going to follow the examples set by the music, movie, and TV industries. The future is digital, and anyone who disagrees with that is seriously out of touch with reality.

So all you ebook self-pubbers out there: ignore the alarmists. There are always doomsayers and Luddites and nostalgia whores who bitch and moan when new technologies take over. But they don't matter. Because new technologies don't care if some folks resist them--they take over anyway.

Now go get some writing done and self-publish the hell out of it. Trust me. I'm right a lot.*

*(Actually, you should trust no one, and figure this shit out for yourself with research and experimentation.)

T-Shirt Scarf - Part 2

I'm back with another T-Shirt Scarf. 
Remember last week I promised a no-sew scarf. Well, I'm sharing it today! Stop by HERE to see last weeks!
Let's get right into it cuz I'm a little late posting. ;-)
Start off with a cute T-shirt. This is a smaller one of mine that I am making for my daughters. They have been wearing the others I made and asked for more colors. Too cute. But I usually use either a mens shirt or xxl for an adult scarf. You can pick them up at a thrift store to save on cost. Or if you're like me, save all your t-shirst and grab some that family and friends are throwing out!
I used another polka dot shirt. ;-D
Trim off the bottom and cut from arm pit to arm pit. Set aside the top of the shirt for later.
Fun part! Start cutting strips. Mine are just under 1" each. DO NOT cut completely off. Stop just short of the other side. Remember this is a NO SEW! Continue all the way across.
Close up of where you are NOT cutting.
Now you get to stretch out each strip to get that cute curled effect.
Now carefully separate the loops where you did not cute the shirt.
Before you gather that up, grab the top of the shirt and cut out a rectangle shape. About 2x6 in size. Then trim each end into a point. This is what you are going to use to hold together the gathered end of the scarf.
Now gather up the end that you didn't cut. 
Wrap the cut strip from the top of the shirt around the gathered end a couple of time and tie in a knot.
To get rid of the stringy ends, just tuck them under. And you have a nice finished NO SEW t-shirt scarf.
This is a really quick scarf. I had this one made in a matter of minutes. So if you need a last minute gift for someone, this would be perfect!
 Again, I added a flower. But it is just a clip on one. So you can use this scarf with or without one. Don't forget to double it up for another cute look!
I have more! Come back again next week for Part 3. I will be sharing another NO SEW scarf but with a completely different look! I can't wait to share this one!

Les Samouraïs.

Je suis désolée pour la grosse absence (totalement injustifiée puisque j'avais largement de quoi poster, quoique, j'étais très fatiguée, le départ à Londres approchant etc.), je vais donc vous inonder de gros posts bien fournis, dont celui-ci. L'expo sur les samouraïs au Quai Branly est finie depuis hier, je vous propose un petit aperçu pour ceux/celles qui l'avaient manquée, j'en ai pris plein les yeux et ça m'a surtout donné beaucoup d'idées, autant dans les techniques de travail de métal que dans les inspirations (très variées, allant même jusqu'à l'aubergine, oui oui). 

Je vous fais des bisous tout plein et pardon pardon pardon pour l'absence !!

My Pinterest Bucket List

I thought it would be fun to make a "Pinterest Bucket List"

Since I will be hosting a Pinterest Challenge Party every Friday, I wanted to make a list of what is to come. I have many things pinned, just not in any particular order of things I want to make or do. So today I decided to open a new board on my Pinterest page titled "My Pinterest Bucket List"
I will be adding some of my top "to do" PINS on this board. There aren't many on there yet. Trying to sift through some of my thousands of pins. HAHA Yep I said thousands. How many do you have? Once they are made, I will share them here at Trendy Treehouse. Not always on Fridays. I have too many I want to make. ;) So I will be sharing them on random days. Every one I do will have a tutorial on how to make them though. So you can see what I did.

Anyway, go check out my board. I will also be adding this link to my sidebar so you can check out my ever changing list!

I CHALLENGE you to make a Pinterest Bucket List!
If you'd like, please grab the image below to use for your list. 
Just copy the image, add it to your sidebar and link it up to your Pinterest Bucket List.
DON'T share your list with me too. I'd love to see what you have planned to make.
Check out the Pinterest Bucket List Page where you can link up your LIST! You can also find it in my top link bar.

Share this post link with others too, so they can make their own Pinterest Bucket List too!
Do you have anything that you want me to make and share? Something you found on Pinterest that you just can't figure out! Let me know and I'll see what I can do to put up a tutorial for you.

At Home with the Sixes

Big Mama Six, Big Daddy Six, and their son, are standing in the living room, having a conversation.

Big Mama: We're so happy you're our son.

Big Daddy: So very, very happy.

Son: Thanks.

Big Mama: We recognize what a good job you're doing.

Big Daddy: Such a better job than your brothers and sisters. I know we're not supposed to play favorites, but son... you're our favorite.

Son: Thanks. Look, I really need to tell you something.

Big Mama: We're so proud of you. Do you remember when you were just a baby?

Big Daddy: Needed us to wipe your nose.

Big Mama: All the poopy diapers we changed.

Big Daddy: But look at you now. All grown up.

Big Mama: I must say, Big Daddy, we sure did a good job raising him.

Big Daddy: We sure did. And look at him now! Such a strapping young man.

Big Mama: We've done so much for you.

Big Daddy: And we'll keep doing it. Because we're your parents, and you need us.

Son: Guys...

Big Mama: The risks we took! The time investment!

Big Daddy: And the monetary investment! Buying you food all those years. Clothes. School supplies. You couldn't have gotten those straight A's if we didn't buy you pencils.

Son: (sighing) Yes. You bought me pencils. You're the best parents ever.

Big Mama: We've been talking, your father and I. And we have some news.

Big Daddy: It's true. We've discussed it, and we've decided we're going to raise your allowance by 2%.

Big Mama: Aren't we generous?

Big Daddy: You're now making $21.50 a week. How do you feel about that, young man?

Son: You both are making this awkward.

Big Mama: Now don't think that 2% raise doesn't come with added responsibilities, son. Besides doing the cooking, the cleaning, the yard work, and building that addition onto our house, you'll also now be required to service all four of ours cars, twice a month.

Big Daddy: We have a lot of bills to pay. Rent. Utilities. Food. And let's face it, you eat a lot. So we're going to have to charge you for the extra food you're consuming.

Big Mama: But it's okay. Our relationship isn't just about food, or money. We nurture. We protect. We guide.

Big Daddy: When you painted that beautiful watercolor, who sold it for you and gave you 17.5% of the money? We did.

Big Mama: That's what we do. Because we're a team.

Big Daddy: Risky business, raising children. But you've made us so proud.

Son: Enough! I wanted to tell you I'm leaving home.

Big Mama: What?

Big Daddy: Are you serious? You can't survive without us!

Big Mama: You need us!

Son: I'm going into business for myself.

Big Daddy: You'll never make it!

Big Mama: Without us to do all that we do for you, you'll never succeed!

Son: In the last three weeks I've earned over $100,000.

Big Daddy: Uh....

Son: That's more than you make annually, isn't it, Big Daddy?

Big Mama: But... but... we've done so much.

Son: These past few years you've done nothing but rip me off while boasting about how valuable you are. But you actually haven't given me any value whatsoever. You've worked me almost to death, taken heaps of money from me, and there isn't a single thing you can do for me that I can't do for myself.

Big Daddy: You ungrateful little jerk! We made you what you are today!

Son: Goodbye.

Big Mama begins to cry. Big Daddy puts his arm around her.

Big Daddy: It's okay, dear. We don't need him. We still have hundreds of other children.

Big Mama: But what if they all figure out they don't need us?

Big Daddy: They won't. We're authority figures. They need our approval. Plus, they're really naive.

Big Mama: How long will they stay naive? Without our kids to help pay our bills, we won't be able to keep the house.

Big Daddy: It'll all work out just fine.

Big Mama: Maybe I should go after him. Offer to triple his allowance.

Big Daddy: I don't think he'll be persuaded.

Big Mama: What if, next time we sell one of his paintings, we give him 20%?

Big Daddy: I've done some research. He can get 70% on his own.

Big Mama: That much?

Big Daddy: Yes.

Big Mama: Can we match that?

Big Daddy: No. We have too many bills to pay.

Big Mama: Do you think he resents us for using him for his talents all those years?

Big Daddy: Hush, dear. We didn't use him. We provided guidance and support. We nurtured him. We loaned him thousands of dollars.

Big Mama: He paid back those thousands of dollars, and then some.

Big Daddy: That isn't the point. The point is there will always be children who need the validation, coddling, and reprimanding that we have to offer. And they'll let us rob them blind in order to get it.

Big Mama: I hope so, Big Daddy.

Big Daddy: Trust me. Now run into the bedroom and fetch my Kindle. There's a new Konrath ebook on Amazon for $2.99. I love how he can offer such low prices.

Big Mama: Me too. I have no idea why some other ebooks are so expensive.

Big Daddy: It's simple, dear. Big corporations are wasteful and don't care about their customers. They charge a lot to pay for their overhead without providing value to either the authors they work with or the readers they sell to.

Big Mama: (shaking her head) I'm glad we're not self-delusional like that.

Big Daddy: Amen.

Pinterest Challenge - DIY Ruler Growth Chart

Remember last week I mentioned a Pinterest Challenge Party? Well I thought I would launch it today! I thought it would be fun to make some of my favorite {PINS}. I also thought that maybe you might want to link up your {PIN} projects.

Don't forget to grab a button HERE or below! 
Share the fun too! It would be great to see all those Pinterest inspired projects recreated.
Trendy Treehouse
Every Friday...stop by for the "Pinterest Party Challenge" 
You can link up posts related to a Pinterest inspired tutorial or project.

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Check out my Tutorial Below the Linky Party
This week I made the Ruler Growth Chart. 
I found my inspiration HERE.
Can't wait to see your links. Have fun!
All unrelated links will be deleted. Thanks for following the rules.
DIY Ruler Growth Chart
Remember I got my inspiration HERE.
First I went to my local home improvement store to pick up some cedar fence boards. I chose the 6 foot boards. They had dog ears on them but they were happy to cut them off for me at the store. I took them home and planned on sanding them to make them smoother. Luckily hubby is a handy man. He had a planer and offered to run them through there first. They came out so good I didn't have to sand then at all.. I suggest you asking the home improvement store to plane them for you. If they can. If not, sanding is the way to go. I recommend a power sander. It will save your arms the pain. LOL
I stained mine all different colors. Staining cedar is a little tricky. I picked a few colors and my favorite was the CHERRY stain. It is the one I have pictured in most of my pic. Below is a pic of all three colors.

Next I measured and marked my board. I used my fabric measuring tape by taping it to the board so it would stay in place. I started at the top of the board at 77" We have tall people in our family and I wanted it to be at least 6 foot 5 inches tall. I took 6 x 12 + 5 to get my 6'5 measurements. By doing this you will be able to hang it on the wall. Just make sure you measure the wall too so you get the correct height.

Measure and mark each foot. Then each half foot. I added more lines in there too keeping them equally apart.

I printed out some numbers and different length lines. I cut them out to use as a type of stencil. I just taped the numbers directly on the board. The lines were easy, I was able to just hold them while I traced them. To trace, I used a black sharpie.

This is how the board looks after I traced them all out. You could leave it like this. (just make sure you erase those pencil markings) It looks cool this way too. But I chose to paint mine.

I used black acrylic paint to fill in my traced numbers and lines. It didn't take long. Just under an hour to complete. Minus stopping to make the kids some cinnamon rolls. LOL They were yummy looking. I didn't eat one. :( Go WILLPOWER! yeah me! Did you see my son in the picture? ;) haha!

Finally done! Now just add a clear coat finish to protect the wood and paint. Then hang, measure and enjoy. All your family and friends will want one too! Here is the final look. This one pictured is a gift. I didn't hang it on the wall for my final pic. Sorry. ;0) But didn't it turn out great! I think so.

Have you made one of these yet? How did you make yours? 
Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. Or link it up in the party above.