Gifts for twins

Quick post today...busy time, as I'm sure you all understand.

Just wanted to share some photos of a gift I just sent to a good friend of mine who had twins about two months ago. I'm finally getting around to getting their gift done. I hope she sends me pics of them wearing their outfits.

I also made this for one of my etsy clients. It was fun to make but a little challenging to get the burp rags just right on top!

What do you make for twins? I think it would be fun to have twins...but then again, I think I'm made to only handle one baby at a time, and I can obviously dress my kids alike even if they weren't born on the same day! :) Have a great weekend!

Antique Cooking Charts

My mom asked me the other day to get a couple pictures for her blog. She wanted pictures of my Great-Grandmas Hoosier (Isn't it beautiful?) and the Cooking Chart inside the door. I have been wanting to share another chart that I got from my Grandma and thought this was a good opportunity to share them. So now that I have the pictures....I can!
Below is the photo of the Hoosier. I am using it in my new craft room for all the kids art supplies. I love it!
Here is the | Useful Information | (Cooking Chart) that was tacked inside the left door. It has a bunch of really great information that any woman would love to have.
This Chart below is a Microwave Time Chart that I got from my Grandma. She has a larger version. If I remember correctly, this chart was from back in the 70's. It also has a lot of very useful information. My Grandma didn't want to part with hers, understandably, but was happy to let me borrow it for a quick scan. Thank you Grandma. I now have a cool Retro Cooking Chart!
Please feel free to copy these cooking charts and use them as your own.
I would love to see your Cooking Charts. I am kinda starting a collection!
If you have any that you would like to share, can you please share a link or email them to

Konrath's New Stuff

Incredibly, I now have forty ebooks available. Thirty-two are self-pubbed, eight are with publishers.

Here are my latest releases. If you visit this blog a lot and haven't bought any of my books yet, I'll be spanking you later.

I'm pleased to announce my latest release, Flee - A Thriller, co-written with the incredible Ann Voss Peterson (Wild Night is Calling). This one is loaded with actions, suspense, twists, sex, and a body count that makes a Jason Bourne book look like a Disney film.

It is available for the Kindle and on Smashwords. It will very soon be available on the Nook, Apple iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, and in print.

Flee is only $2.99 for a full 75,000 word adrenalin-fueled roller coaster. And it also has Jack Daniels in it.

Speaking of Jack Daniels, she's also part of the story universe I'm creating with the amazing Blake Crouch (who is currently a Top 100 Kindle bestseller with Run).

Those who have read the seventh Jack novel, Shaken, know that it features Crouch's villain from Desert Places and Locked Doors, Luther Kite.

Stirred, the eighth and final Jack Daniels novel will be co-written with Crouch, and it will put a nice cap on our oeuvre.

What is our oeuvre, you ask?

I wrote seven Jack Daniels novels (Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, Shaken) and Blake wrote two novels and a novella featuring Luther Kite (Desert Places, Locked Doors, Break You).

Then together we wrote Serial Uncut, which featured Jack and Luther.

Since then, we've been writing like crazy.

First came Killers, which brings back the serial duo Donaldson and Lucy from Serial Uncut.

Recently, we wrote Birds of Prey, which features Jack Daniels, Luther Kite, and over a dozen more serial killers from the Konrath, Kilborn, and Crouch novels.

Let me repeat: the three novellas in this trilogy are Serial Uncut, Killers, and Birds of Prey. These are each reasonably priced at $2.99.

But we've also released some lower-priced compilations for you folks who like things compiled.

Killers Uncut = Killers + Birds of Prey, and is only $3.99.

Serial Killers Uncut = Serial Uncut + Killers + Break You + Birds of Prey, and is only $4.99.

Serial Killers Uncut is a massive undertaking. Not only is it a double-novel featuring 21 serial killers, but it also explains where these serial killers fit into our other books.

To celebrate the release of these new ebooks featuring Jack Daniels, I've put two more ebooks featuring Jack on sale.

Jailbait (written with Ann Voss Peterson) is now $1.49. Floaters (written with Henry Perez) is now 99 cents.

Now some quick Q & A.

Q: So Flee is a spy novel?

A: It's a spy novel on steroids. It does for spy books what Kilborn does for horror. No-holds-barred action, hot sex, twists, double-crosses, and amazing body count, and a slam-bang ending. I love this book.

Q: Why so many different versions of your novellas with Blake? It's confusing.

A: These days, musical artists will release their songs one at a time. When they get four of them done, they release an EP. When they finish eight of them, they release an album.

Serial Killers Uncut took us over two years to write. It's 120,000 words long, and connects all of our backlists. It features characters from the majority of Konrath's, Crouch's, and Kilborn's novels.

We elected to release the book as we wrote it, in sections. So first came Serial (still free), then Serial Uncut, then Killers, then Birds of Prey, then Killers Uncut, then Serial Killers Uncut.

If you buy Serial Killers Uncut, you get everything. But you can also get each novella separately if you've already bought one or two of them. That way, we aren't making people buy the same story twice.

Q: Do I have to read the Jack Daniels books or Blake Crouch's books to enjoy Serial Killers Uncut?

A: No. But you'd probably enjoy it more if you're familiar with our other novels. Serial Killers Uncut takes place between our novels. It's a chronology of what these serial killers are doing when they aren't in our novels. It's new material, and it does stand alone. But if you've read our stuff, you'll notice a lot of familiar characters and situations.

Q: Are you doing a sequel to Flee?

A: Yes. Spree will be out this summer.

Q: Why so many collaborations?

A: It's fun, and two people can write faster than just one, meaning I can release more books for fans who want them.

Q: How do I buy these?

A: For Kindle: Serial Uncut, Killers, Birds of Prey, Killers Uncut, Serial Killers Uncut, Flee, Floaters, Jailbait.

Nook, Smashwords, Sony, Apple, Kobo, and print will be appearing soon. Keep an eye on those sites.

I'd also like to give a giant shout out to Blake Crouch. His book Run is in the Top 100. If you haven't picked up Run yet, you're missing the best thriller I've ever read.

Egg Salad Sandwich

This is an amazing sandwich that I just actually made for lunch the other day with our left over easter eggs. Once I made it I knew I had to share it here. It was so delicious!

What you are going to need...
2 hard boiled eggs
1 1/2 tbsp. of mayo
Mustard to taste
Garlic Salt
Pepper (optional)
Provolone Cheese
2 slices of Bread

First, mash up your eggs. Great term Mash! LOL Mix in your mayo and mustard. Also sprinkle in your garlic salt. To taste of course. You could also add pepper if you like. I don't care for it, so I left it out. Sprinkle in some chopped pecans. YUM! Now your ready to put it all together.
Get your two slices of bread. I used buttermilk bread this time but also love to use croissants and ciabatta rolls too! Don't add any extra mayo to the bread. Keep it dry. Add the egg mixture straight to the bread. Top with a slice of provolone cheese and top of bread. Enjoy!
This is an amazing sandwich! I want to make another one right now!
Hope you enjoy it!

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We had a great Easter with the kids this year. I had a hard time deciding what photo to share. We took so many! It was either, family photo, kids pics or the hunt. I went with the one of my daughter running to get her eggs. It is so great seeing their excitement and this photo, I thought, showed that!
Jamie's | EASTER | Photo

Guest Post by Diana Cox

A lot of writers have asked me who proofreads my manuscripts before I self-publish them.

My answer: Diana Cox at

Here she is to talk about her proofreading business:

Not many people have careers they can honestly say they enjoy. Throughout my past fifteen years in accounting, I have constantly, in the back of my mind, wondered if there wasn't something I could do that would allow me to make a living doing something I truly enjoy. One of my favorite things to do is read. But who gets paid to read? I finally realized that I could put my OCD/perfectionist tendencies to use and get paid to read! Ever since I was in school and throughout my career, fellow students and co-workers have brought me writings and communications to check over. I already had my accounting bachelor's degree, so I started taking courses in proofreading and editing, as well as grammar and writing improvement. It was a perfect fit—I loved it and I was good at it! I find it very exciting and an honor to be part of the process that makes these great books available to the public. Although my part in the process is small, I feel my work puts the finishing touches on the book and represents both my work as well as the author’s—and I want us both to look exceptional!

Proofreading is necessary, even for authors who have excellent spelling and grammatical skills. It is not a matter of the author being capable of doing it himself; it is a matter of where the author needs to focus his energy. Plus, it is very difficult to proof one’s own work. The purpose of my service is to allow the author to do his job. Writers are very creative and they need to focus on that creativity rather than the small details. The author should be able to concentrate on the story and maintain momentum once he gets writing, not waste time and effort worrying about crossing every t and dotting every i. In order to compete with the traditionally published works, however, independent authors need to ensure their work is up to par and maintains the same standards set by the publishers.

Since my market is mainly independent authors, I try to keep my prices low. I know authors in this situation have to cover all the expenses themselves up front to get a book published. I want to help independent authors get published, not hinder them.

Joe has been gracious enough to give me this opportunity to introduce myself and provide some basic information on my proofreading services. I focus on novels and short stories. My rates are very reasonable—they start at $4.50 per 1,000 words for projects under 25,000 words, $3.50 per 1,000 words for 25,000 to 80,000 words, and $3.00 per 1,000 words for projects over 80,000 words. There is a $20.00 minimum charge for any project. Expected turnaround time for an average novel is three to four days. Requests for turnaround times of less than two days may incur additional charges, depending upon the project. I will do everything in my power to meet your deadline; however, that is not always possible. If there is any doubt in my capability to meet your deadline, I will let you know up front.

In an effort to build my client list, I am offering half off my first proofreading project for new clients. Please feel free to visit my website at You may also e-mail me at

Joe sez: Diana has proofed my last five or six projects. She's fast and thorough. She sends you a MS Word doc with her editing suggestions, which you can either approve of or reject directly on the manuscript.

I highly recommend her.

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