Ebook Covers for $150

My cover artist, Carl Graves, is having a fire sale on ebook covers.

Each one of these is only $150. It is one of a kind. You buy it, you own it. Just email Carl at his website, to confirm the cover is available, send him a Paypal and your information (book title, author name, a tagline) and the ebook cover is yours and yours alone.

If you need the cover altered slightly, you can discuss that with him, as that may cost extra. These bargain prices are as-is. The same goes if you need a back cover for a Createspace print version--he can do it, but it'll be a few more bucks.

As I've said a gazillion times, a professional cover boosts sales. When I began using Carl's covers over my old homemade ones my ebook sales tripled. If you're writing an ebook, or already have an ebook with a mediocre cover, I'd advise you to buy one of these, pronto. Because when they're gone, they're gone.

Carl is also available, schedule permitting, to work with authors to do custom covers, but those are more money. Contact him for info.

Here are the $150 covers currently available. Click on them to make them bigger. First come, first serve.

A moving intermission

*pushes boxes out of the way* Hey there friends, surprise, it's me!! When you read this we will be in full swing of moving...and hopefully almost done. Boxes are packed. Furniture is being moved. Toilets are being cleaned. Foreheads are being wiped. Eyi. eyi. eyi. moving is not fun! But the change will be good and we're so excited to finally have our own place to call home again. The kids are excited and we can't wait to show them the new house...that's right they haven't even seen the inside yet. But we've driven past the house a couple times a week since we put in our offer and they are super excited.
I don't have lots of time to chat and fill you in on everything that's been going on but I've got a few camera phone photos to share! It's been a WHIRLWIND, crazy month that I never want to relive...but GOD IS GOOD!

My little climber...nothing can stop her!
This box packed itself! Better make sure it doesn't get lost in the move!
Naomi has been invited to a few birthday parties lately and I've made these little t-shirt capes for the little boys. They are easy to make and the boys LOVE them. This one was for I need to work on Micah's since his birthday is on Monday and since he's asked me for one everytime he sees me make one I figured I better make him one!
And one for little John, one of Naomi's classmates.
My friend asked me to make some shirts for her twins first birthday!
This was a SUPER easy dress to make and I can't wait to make more. I bought the pattern here.
And I made two other ones in the same night...seriously the easiest dress I've ever made...and super cute!
Oh and our other piece of BIG NEWS! We're going to be adding a new little one to the family in early October! We are SOOOO excited and can't wait to meet this little blessing!!
The other big change that I alluded to earlier this month is that I am taking a BIG step back from my photography business. You can read more about it on my website if you care too.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more regularily again soon! I can't wait to show you the new house...but first gotta get things looking liveable!

Pinterest Challenge - Bunny Shirts

I have been having a Pinterest Party every week hoping that people will link up their Pinterest Projects. Well we have been getting more non related links than related. So I decided just to share my Pinterest Bucket list projects. If you like you can link yours in the comments section.

Feel free to still use the Button. It's still fun to share that you took the challenge. ;D

Trendy Treehouse
Today I am sharing a project for Easter. I found THIS on Pinterest. Check it out. It is so cute. It's an adorable bunny applique for Easter with a fluffy tail.

I made this one for a friends daughter. Its on a onesie. Also made a braided headband and clippie to match.
I made some for my girls too but haven't quite finished them yet. I will add them to the post as soon as I finish them. ;D

All I did was use a no sew bond. I like the hold better. Then embroidered around the edge. The tail is a pre-made pin I found in the jewelry department a while back. I knew it would come in handy some day. Turned out cute! I can't wait to see her wear it.

After school.

chemise Claudie Pierlot / short Levi's / manteau Armand Ventilo / chaussures Topshop / collier Chic Alors ! / sac H&M 

Peanut Butter Popcorn

Peanut Butter Popcorn

This is a last minute kind of treat that you will LOVE! While making cake batter buddies, I decided to try something a little different. And it worked! A yummy treat for the whole family to enjoy.

...You will need...
1 bag of microwave popcorn (buttered optional)
1 12 oz. bag of white chocolate chips
1 cup of Reeses peanut butter chips
1 tablespoon of vegetable shortening
1 1/2 cups funfetti cake batter mix
1 cup powdered sugar

Start by popping your popcorn. Put white chocolate and peanut butter chips in a microwave safe bowl. Melt 30 sec at a time, stirring each time until smooth. You can add vegetable shortening to thin the mix. I did in mine. Just about a tablespoon. While that is melting, pick out all the popcorn kernels that didn't pop. You'd hate to bite into that. OUCH!

Once your chocolate and peanut butter mix is completely melted you can pour over and mix into popcorn. Lastly, add in the cake batter and powdered sugar. Mix until all popcorn is coated. You could even throw it in a brown bag to shake it up.

That's it. It takes just under 10 minutes to make this treat. It melts in your mouth and is so good you will want to make at least a double batch.

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Les beaux jours

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13 Pumpkins-writing on walls Review

Today I am introducing you all to a fantastic Etsy Shop! 
13 Pumpkins-writing on walls has so many cool products, you won't want to buy just one. You will be making a wish list!

Marianne offers wall decor for all the rooms in your house. I was offered an item for review. I was so excited because we are redecorating my daughter's room and I knew she would love the sign I picked out. I could have easily picked out so many of her signs for the rest of my house and probably still will! Hint, hint Marianne! I will definitely be back to buy more! ;D

So here is the sign we picked out for my daughters room. Isn't it adorable!?! Its  the "Typography Wall Art- Purple Flower BeYOUtiful Wood Sign". I love the flower, the color, home made quality and most of all message it sends! be "YOU" tiful sends a great message reminding your sweet girl to always be true to herself. Be proud of who she is. To be "YOU" tiful! Love that!

When this arrived in the mail, my daughter screamed and went straight to her room to hang it up! She was so excited!

Thank you Marianne for brightening my daughters room!
Get this beautiful wall decor for the girl in your life HERE.
...Some more of my favorites from 13 Pumpkins...
These are straight from my wish list!
Click on images to visit Marianne's shop and to learn more about the below products!

OMG! This is awesome! I am so into mustaches right now! I want this! I want this! I want this! Soooonnnn!!!!
This sign is a great reminder to not worry. Who wouldn't love that! And I LOVE this song. We sang it all the time when the kids were little. My kids still love singing it today! So this of course needs to be in my house somewhere!
I just love the message this one has. Every day is a gift, life is short, live it to the fullest!
Lastly, but certainly not the end of my wish list! {because my wish list would most likely show off all of Marianne's products} I love the colors and the message! It just speaks for itself. Awesome!
Make sure you go check out all of the products over at 13 Pumpkins. You will not be disappointed. You will be buying these for your home and as gifts for friends and family!

13 Pumpkins has a blog too! Keep updated on everything by visiting it HERE
Like 13 Pumpkins on Facebook and Twitter.
And why not pop over and follow her Pinterest page too! ;D

Thanks again to Marianne and her fun shop, 13 Pumpkins.