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pull Pull and Bear / hoodie Topman / short Topshop / collants New Look / chaussures Zara / headband New Look

♥ Shutter Love Tuesday ♥

We have been loving hosting {Shutter} Love every week and wanted to thank you all for participating each week. You have all made it so fun. We enjoy looking at each of your photos every week.

This weeks theme is {GIVE THANKS}

Right after Thanksgiving, I am sure you all have some great photos about giving thanks!

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Tara's "GIVE THANKS" Photo
I took this photo of my kids last fall and it is my favorite thus far of my quick let's take a picture shots. LOL We were headed to my parents for thanksgiving and they looked so cute, I just had to take a picture. I am sharing this photo this week because everyday I give thanks that I have these beauty's in my life. 

Jamie's "GIVE THANKS" Photo
Coming Soon!


Pajama Makeover

While out shopping the other day, I found some women's pj's on clearance. My girls love to wear my t-shirts to bed, so I thought I would pick up some to refashion for the girls. I had to get the smallest size and even those were huge. They were swimming in them. LOL

I apologize in advance for the before photo. This was taken on my phone. Oh and oops look at the sewing mess on the table behind them. eeekkk!!

See how big they are? Falling off the shoulders and not very kid cute! I wish they were all matching but you get what you get on the clearance rack. And I can't complain for only $5 each.

So I took these to the sewing machine and added a really cute cupcake applique to the chest of each one. I sewed a straight stitch around the cupcake for extra security. I added some ribbon to the side of the sleep shirts so I could tie a bow in the back. I also added a scrap fabric to the top of the shirt. This helped cover more of the upper chest area and also added more color. ;-) I used one of my old shirts on the pink jammies and some fabric from my collection of scraps for the blue one.

Ribbon Tie Backs...
I added two different colored ribbons to the little girls so they knew which one was theirs. Smart mom eh?

And the final look...
I love how these look now. So much cuter! Don't you think? Not bad for clearance rack pj's.

The girls {LOVE} them. As soon as they put them on they danced around. And tonight they couldn't wait to wear them again! Yeah!

Shutter Love Winners - FALL

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#7 - The Moments In Between 

#8 - AJ Kreations

#9 - Glennda @ Just Keeping the Ends Tied

#10 - Claires 365

Viewers Favorite - 4 Lettre Words

Tara & Jamie's Favorites - In No Particular Order

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Comme je l'ai annoncé il y a quelques jours, voici donc un nouveau concours. Je vous propose de nouveau des bijoux, certes, mais cette fois-ci il nous viennent de Suède (ligne-droite-géométrie-minimalisme-la-suède-ikea-quoi). Créées par SandeliusDesign, ces boucles d'oreilles se mettent par la "voie classique" si-je puis dire, mais l'illusion est parfaite.
J'avoue les avoir un peu mal mises, mais en même temps j'avais un peu l'oreille pleine de plâtre, je m'excuse d'avance.

Pour gagner une paire il suffit de répondre à la question suivante :

"Ça vous inspire quoi, le gothisme suédois ?"

La réponse la plus drôle sera la gagnante ! Vous pouvez répondre par n'importe quel moyen, que ce soit photo, vidéo, musique, texte, mais attention vous DEVEZ EN ÊTRE L'AUTEUR(E).

Envoyez-moi vos réponses, comme d'habitude sur (ET NULLE PART AILLEURS).

Vous avez jusque dimanche prochain (le 5 Décembre) !


Today's a contest day ! It's still about jewellery, but today we're talking about swedish jewellery. Created by SandeliusDesign, those earrings look awesome but are actually very simple to wear, as easy as a simple earring.
The way I wear them doesn't give them real justice, but my ear was full of plaster... I'm sorry for that.

To win them, you only have to answer the following question :

"What does swedish gothism inspire to you ?"

The funniest answer will be the winner ! You can answer by any way you want to : photo, video, music, text, but you MUST BE THE AUTHOR.

Send me you answers as usual on (NOWHERE ELSE).

You can enter the contest until next Sunday (December the 5th) !

jj - My Life

Tie Shirt Tutorial

Tie shirts are all over the internet, etsy stores, boutiques you name it.
But if you're crafty and would love to make your own I've got a quick and easy tutorial for you. I think tie shirts are one of the easiest, fastest things to make that make a big impact. My son LOVES his tie shirts and keeps asking to wear them. But it may be a little formal for the playground :)

I realize that everyone has their own way of doing things.
One is not more right than the other, just different...
this is just how I do mine, how I figured out on my own how to do it.
So if it's not right or if it's different, oh well, it works for me.

I start with a piece of cardboard from a cereal box...
find a fold and draw half a tie shape on one side of the fold.
Then cut it out. You've now got a perfectly symmetrical tie.
I draw the bottom of the tie and the knot separately just in case you were wondering.
(This photo is kind of step three but I wanted to show you the cardboard templates)

Then take some of the amazing steam-a-seam 2
peel the paper off one side and iron it onto your fabric.

Then trace around the cardboard template on the back of the paper.
HINT: If you are using stripped fabric or fabric with an obvious pattern do a 45 degree turn of the knot template so the pattern isn't going the same direction for both the tie and the knot, thus making it appear more real!
Then cut it out.

Cut a little curve into the top of the knot piece so it is more "form" fitting to the curve of the shirt. Peel off the second piece of paper, then position it on your shirt and once you're happy with the position of the tie iron it down.

You could just leave it at that, but I like to sew close to the edges just for more stability and to add to the cuteness factor!

Whenever Micah wears his tie shirts to church the men comment on how they wish they could wear a shirt like that!!

If you don't want to make your own let me know, I have an etsy store and would be more than happy to make/sell you one!

Can't wait to see all your little men in their tie shirts! Make sure to link back here if you make one!!

Harriette Crottée.

chemisier American Apparel / pull The Kooples (AW 2008) / jupe American Apparel / manteau Sandro (édition limitée) / collants New Look / chaussures New Look / collier loupe Les Jumelles

Je ne fume plus, ne bois qu'occasionnellement, dors bien, et c'est pourtant maintenant que je me tape les plus grosses cernes et le teint violet. J'aimerais comprendre.

(Non je n'ai pas vu Harry Potter)

Black Friday Sale

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving!

The wife says I have too many copies of my books around the house, so I'm having a sale.

I've been selling books on my website for years. Hardcovers are $24. Trade paperbacks are $14. Shipping averages about $4 per book.

But in the interest of clearing out some inventory, I'm selling autographed copies at near cost, and the shipping is on me.

By clicking on a button, you'll be taken to a Paypal cart. Paypal, of course, is 100% safe and free to use, and you can pay via check, credit card, or with your bank account.

Package #1 - The Jack Daniels Collection


This set includes signed, hardcover copies of Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, and Cherry Bomb, for $119.95. This includes shipping.

The cover price for these is $144, plus $18 shipping. So this is a savings of of $42, plus I'll include a signed, numbered limited edition paperback copy of Serial by Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouch.

Seven books in all, some of them out of print, all autographed.

Package #2 - The Self Pub Collection


This set includes eight of my recently self-published trade paperbacks: Origin, The List, Shot of Tequila, Disturb and Others, Trapped, Endurance, Jack Daniels Stories, and Horror Stories. All are professional formatted, 9"x6", about 300 pages each, autographed by me. I'm also including a hardcover copy of These Guns For Hire, a hitman anthology I edited, featuring stories by David Morrell, Lawrence Block, me, and 28 others.

The cover price for these is $140, plus $18 shipping. So this is a savings of $58.

That's nine books in all.

Package #3 - Everything


Have you ever had the desire to own everything I've ever published, all at once? Has someone on your holiday list had that desire?

Now is your golden opportunity to get signed copies of EVERYTHING.

This includes hardcover copies of Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, and These Guns For Hire, and trade paper copies of Origin, The List, Shot of Tequila, Disturb and Others, Trapped, Endurance, Jack Daniels Stories, and Horror Stories. Plus a signed, numbered copy of Serial, and a signed copy of Draculas.

That's seventeen autographed books, and shipping is included.

I've seen signed copies of some of my hardcovers sell for more than seventy bucks. This is a great opportunity to get my entire print catalog, everything autographed, and save over $80 off cover price, plus save the $28 shipping cost.

Of course, if you already have some of my books, you can order the others one at a time on my page. Buy any five books, get a sixth for free. The sixth book has to be the lowest price. Just contact me to let me know which one you want for free by putting FREE BOOK in the heading of your email.

Or, if you've been waiting for ereaders to become cheap enough to buy, on Black Friday begins selling their remaining stock of Kindle 2 readers for $89. Hmm... I recall someone saying that was going to happen eventually.

Happy holidays! This sale will continue until I take down the links for it.