Dr. Seuss Day Signs

I had shared on Facebook the sign I made for my daughter's class for Dr. Seuss Day. I mentioned that I wanted to share all the other signs. Well I am finally going to share them today. They all turned out very cool and creative. Our School is K-8, so we have 9 signs plus our Serrf program made one. So there are 10 signs all together. Each class placed theirs under a tree in our school courtyard. Then they decorated the tree. Unfortunately I didn't get pics of the decorated trees. :( But some of them still had some decor on the trees.

...Here are the signs in order...

Kindergarten's Sign
1st Grade
This is the sign I made. My cute lil one is in this class. ;D

2nd Grade
3rd Grade
My middle daughter is in this class. They had a big Dr. Seuss hat on their sign. Sorry I didn't get that shot. :(
4th Grade
5th Grade
My oldest daughter is in this class. ;D
6th Grade
My sons class sign. ;)
7th Grade
8th Grade
Serrf Program
Didn't all the signs turn out great?!? The kids and teachers had a full day of fun activities and an awesome assembly too!

Does your school celebrate Dr. Seuss Day? What do they do to celebrate?

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