Hushpuppy Bites

Remember last week when I shared the Corn Dog Muffins? I mentioned that I had another idea in mind for those. Well today I am sharing it! Have you seen those Cake Ball pans on TV? When I saw them, I thought it would be so much easier to use one of those than the traditional way. Well?!? When I went to order one, they were out of stock. I was bummed UNTIL...I saw a knock off at Walmart for the same price minus shipping. So I bought it. 
And when I was making the muffins, I glanced over and saw my new pan sitting there. Hmm, I should make corn pops. LOL Or as my mom and I decided to call them "Hushpuppy Bites" ;D

I had showed my mom my picture of my Corn Dog Muffins and she sent me a picture of when I was in 4-H. Way back. I forgot all about this picture and laughed when I saw it. Look at how cute I am!! LOL
See that pie dish in the center. That was my 4-H project. My mom was my 4-H Cooking Leader and our project was to come up with a new recipe. I created "Hot Diggity Dog Pie" and won first place in the dinner 4-H contest for the recipe and its great taste in our local chapter. ;D Look how proud I am!! LOL

On to today's post....I took the same mix from last week. The Marie Calendars corn bread mix and some lil smokies.
Before you add the mix to your pans, make sure you spray them with a cooking spray. You want to spray the bottom pan and the top of the other pan too. Don't forget to spray both sides of the top pan. Sometimes the batter will over flow as it cooks.
Fill each section completely. Cut some lil smokies in half and add them to the batter.
Place the top pan on and add the little silicone holders to help hold the pans together. I had a little left over batter and made some muffins too!
Cook them according to the cake pop pan directions. I cooked mine at 325 for 15 minutes. They cooked fast. I do have a hot oven too.
When they come out, some will have overflowed but because you sprayed the top, they slide right off.
 The overflow pieces are good to nibble on too. LOL They are crunchy lil corn bites.
These "Hushpuppy Bites" are so good and great for snacking on the go. The lil smokies give them a great flavor, but you could also leave them out for just corn bread bites.