A lot has happened to our little family of five in the last 3 days! We are currently renting our home and the lease is up on the 10th of March. We asked if we could just pay month-to-month until we find a new home...they misunderstood this and thought we just wanted to stay one month extra. A lot of words have been spoken and on Thursday our landlords secretary told us that we could move out by April 1st or sign a new six month lease with a $115 increase in rent. Then my husband wrote back and asked them to honor their original word, of allowing us to pay month to month...well, that turned into a new email from the landlord stating, vacate by April 1st or sign a twelve month lease with a $215 increase in rent. We get the message...get out! Ha!!

So we had been looking for homes for a few weeks and yesterday went to look at the one that was on top of our list again and we made an offer on the house that evening. Part of the offer included them closing and allowing us to occupy on March 30th. We told them we needed to let us know by 3pm today. They countered with asking for just a little more money (we didn't offer full price so we were okay with that) but were okay with closing (early in fact) on March 28th and allowing us to occupy on the 30th. So it looks like we'll have two days to move! Fun! And remember my husband is a Pastor...and April 1st is Palm Sunday so it's a crazy busy time of the year! But God is good and we'll manage!!

So, all that to say. I probably won't be blogging for a while. Gotta get the house packed up and moved in 4 weeks!! There are two other big changes on the horizon for our family but I cannot divulge that information at this time! I hope that if time allows I can stop in from time to time and let you know what we're up to! Hope you all have a great weekend, week and if I don't see you before then a TRULY blessed Easter!!

Here are a few random photos from our day butchering at the family farm! They call it butchering but it's really just packaging pork!
Hand cranked/stuffed brats!!
 We get pork chops, pork steaks, pork roasts, soup bones, brats, ribs...enough to last us about a year!
My kids and their cousins about to enjoy the annual hayride!
 We got to celebrate Greg's birthday with his whole family too which was really awesome!