Heard on the Playground Review

Heard on the Playground is a really fun site where you can share stories.  Stories of what kids say!! I have read so many cute stories over there from grandparents, parents, kids and people who have overheard stories too! So fun!

I even shared a story a while back from my 5 year old at the time. She is now 7. ;0)

...Our Shared Story...
{This is a recent conversation I overheard between my son and daughter} "Why were you the first born?" my daughter asked. "Because God wanted a boy first in our family, then a girl, girl and another girl." my son responded. "Well that's not's always supposed to be ladies first!" my daughter protested.
Caidee 5 - California

Isn't that cute? I'm kinda partial! Well Andrea, the creator of Heard on the Playground site thought is was cute too! She used it as one of her favorites in the book she published! YEAH! We were so excited to find out!
The book is available now on Amazon! You can also find it through Andrea's site, Heard on the Playground! Andrea was kind enough to send us a copy! Thank you! Thank you! We will treasure it!

Don't forget to stop by and share a story at Heard on the Playground! You might see it in the second book. Which I am sure there will be one. Kids never fail when it comes to finding funny things to say! ;0)

This book would make a perfect gift for Grandparents, Parents, Teachers and Kids! Get yours ordered TODAY!