In need of some Father's Day help!

You may remember this post from last year.
I told you about the shirts I've made for my kids to wear on Father's Day.

2008 - "following in daddy's footsteps"

2008 - "my dad is a perfect ten"

2009- "my dad rocks"

2010 - "my dad is the bomb"
So I'm still trying to decide what to do for Father's Day this year.
I've got three shirts to make...and not a TON of time.

I saw this cute shirt that Jess from Running with scissors made,
and I'm totally thinking about making it.
But my idea includes a personal drawing by the kids
(of which only Naomi can really do)
and embroidery floss on the t-shirt.

My other idea is to have the same words but in the middle do a
Supermanesque "DAD" logo with fabric paint.

The last thought I have is to make the kids AND my husband matching tie shirts.
I was thinking of putting "daddy's girl" on the ties that the girls would be wearing.

So, what do you think? What should I make?
I'm wondering if I should catalog the first idea and wait till all the kids
can draw pictures of them with dad? Hmmm....

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts...and then you can see what I make AFTER Father's Day.
I always like it to be a surprise when they show up for church,
since he doesn't see them dressed before we get to church on Sundays.