Dot Girl First Period Kit Review and Giveaway

The Dot Girl First Period Kit is perfect for young girls who are entering womanhood. My oldest daughter is reaching this stage and asking questions. Last year she was able to take "the class", you know the one where the nurse comes in and talks to all the girls. They watch a video and ask questions. I was lucky enough to be there to help. I was very impressed with how all these young girls handled the video and asked questions. I was so proud of my daughter for really watching and asking the right questions. She did get some information that was provided by a sponsored company. It was okay. But when I saw Dot Girl, I knew I had to learn more. 

I received the Dot Girl First Period Kit for my daughter to review. This kit came in a very cute pink bag with an answer book, which answers twenty common questions girls may have about menstruation. It included information like, what kind of pads to use, how they should track their periods, how long they may bleed, why they have a period and information on cramping. It also shares when you may begin your period. There is nothing worse than starting to bleed and not know why. I think informing our daughters at a young age is a must. And I believe that this kit is a good way to introduce the subject to your tween girls.

This book is very easy to read. Your daughters will be able to easily read through it with you or on her own and understand what to expect. She will learn the right questions to ask you too! I love that is makes the subject so easy for us moms too! My daughter and I had a lovely conversation about her first period. She has even come to me with more questions without being embarrassed. I am so relieved. Thank you Dot Girl!
Also included in this kit.... 5 pads, 5 disposable bags, 2 antibacterial hand wipes and the best of all a reusable gel heating pad. The supply is great for getting a girl ready for the day her first period comes. She can easily tuck this bag away in her backpack or purse to take on any trip. She is now ready. If she is at home, perfect, you can help her along with her first experience. If she is at school, just help her prepare how to ask her teacher about leaving the classroom discretely to the restroom, kit in hand. I also recommend that you place a change of underpants in the kit with a zip lock baggy in case there are any messes. 

The reusable gel heating pad will be a life saver for them. Just simply snap the disc inside the bag a few times until it activates. The bag will become warm, perfect for soothing those achy, crampy tummy's.  The bag will become hard after cooling. To get it ready for the next use, just simply place in boiling water for about 10 minutes or until the bad is full of clear liquid again. Let cool and you can use it again! You can even use this as a cool pack. Just place in the freezer until the contents of the bag are frozen. Every girl and momma needs one of these!

Once your kit has been used, make sure you replenish it for the next time!
Moms!!!! You will love this kit for your girls. Get one now before your tween reached womanhood. She will THANK you for it!

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This product was a very good idea. It helped me talk more with my daughter in detail, and just showed her and explained to her how to keep herself clean on those days, and how to track your monthly. -Terrie from Sacramento, California

I have been consistently pleased with this company.  I contacted them by phone last year and they were very helpful.  The Dot Girl kit arrived quickly and was exactly as we hoped it would be.  The kit is a wonderful, reassuring - very "grown-up" - necessity that I wish had been around forever!  Every young girl should have one.  Thank you for making this BIG step a lot easier to manage. - Rebecca Brooklyn, New York 

This kit was stylish and helpful at the same time. It is something she can drop in her book bag or purse in order to be prepared at any time. - Mary Williamson, Georgia

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