Money Savvy Pig Review & Giveaway

Money Savvy Pig piggy bank - the piggy bank for the 21st century! This unique four-chambered bank helps kids (ages 4-11) & their parents or grandparents to begin a conversation about money. It helps teach basic money skills by introducing four choices: SAVE, SPEND, DONATE, and INVEST. Each bank includes goal-setting stickers, eye stickers and a parent guide. Available in 6 vibrant colors - Blue, green, pink ,red purple and opaque platinum. It makes a perfect child's gift!
Our family saves change! Every time our jar of change fills up, we let the kids dump it out on the living room floor and separate it out. They make piles of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Then they separate each of those piles into 4 different piles. We have 4 kids! We spend time together counting the money and teaching our youngest the difference in amounts and looks. Usually, when done, we have them put them into their piggy banks. NOW! We have the Money Savvy Pig to use. The kids were so excited to see how it worked and loved that it came with their very own stickers to put on the piggy! 

The kids already kinda had an idea of how it worked because when we were told about the review, they also told us about their new app! Yes, they have a Money Savvy App called Savings Spree! So immediately we downloaded it on my iPhone. It is so cool. It takes you through a series of games. Each one teaching you how to make the right choices throughout your day about spending money. The first round is about Savings Choices. 4 Things you can do with money and how to set a goal for each. It gives you examples, with pictures, on what you should do with your money. 

Round 2 is about earning. This round teaches you about the importance of earning your own money. It is so cute! You get to make cupcakes in this fun round. Round 3, the rainy day fund. This is an important round too! It shows kids that they need to save their money for a rainy day. Like an unexpected bill, a flat tire on their bike or an overdue library book. In this round you play with fortune cookies. You have to determine from three choices, what is the best. For example a good choice, you got money for your birthday. A bad choice, you forgot your lunch and have to pay $3 to the school. Next you follow the good fortune cookie as they move around. Next, you pick the good fortune. You bank the money if you choose correctly. Round 4 is spend avoidance. It's cute, you float around a mall maze and have to avoid hitting things. If you do, it subtracts money. 

Round 5 Wealthy habits. I like this round a lot.  It shows you how you can save if you avoid spending while out. For example... instead of getting a soda at lunch you would get a free water.  It then shows you how much you could save in a week, month or year. Amazing how much one little soda costs by the end of a year. LOL You could save over $500 a year by drinking water instead of soda!!! In this round you choose between 2 choices and tilt the phone back and forth. It is a fun balancing act. ;-) Round 6 Kids earn! Kids can earn money by walking dogs, having a lemonade stand or doing yard work. This round is played by matching money and lemons. Very cute! At the end of the game it shows you your total game earnings in a nest egg.. I love that the kids  want to keep playing and make the right choices to increase their nest egg. This is an amazing app and every family should have it!!! Don't forget to check out the Parents and Educators section. Very informative. Awesome!

Now back to the sorting of money. I kinda went crazy on the app. But its so fun and worth it! Now that we have the Money Savvy Pig, and they know what to do with it, its fun for the kids to discuss where they should place the money. So far we have the most money in the savings and donating slots. The kids are very good about saving and they love donating when ever they see a box at the store. I love that those are filling up first. My hubby and I also love that they can save their own money to spend. It is a nice feeling for them to walk into a store and buy something with their own money. Makes them feel proud. The investing is amazing too. Our son is already talking about saving for his first car. He is 11. Oh My! LOL

These little piggy banks are a must for your kids. I recommend that you get one for each of your kids, gifts for friends and family and you have to get that app. It makes learning about money fun and exciting! 
Thank you Money Savvy Piggy for coming into our life!!!

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