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The gift is for Papa's, Grandpa's, Grandad's...!
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Personalized Photos
Grab your kiddos and their bare feet. Head outside and start shooting!
We saw this idea on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to do it!

We took a couple different shots. These two were out favorites.
I started with these photos...
Well not quite these. I did some touch ups and cropping first. ;o)
I loaded my pictures in to Flickr and edited them in Picnik. I love their tools for a quick fix!
First, I adjusted the exposure and cropped them. Then added a soft focus. Next I added a texture and on one of them a vignette. Soft black!
After I got them just the way I liked them, I opened them up in Photoshop to add the letters to their feet. I wanted to do it this way so I could change the letters. It makes it really easy to use this photo as a gift for anyone!
I can't wait to have the kids give this to their Papa at Christmas! It will look great in his new office!!!

Here are a few more ideas I had for this photo...

One for NANA too!
One for Daddy!
One for me of course! ;o)
And one that just says "We Love U !"
We can give this one to anyone!
This pic would even make a really cute Christmas Card!
I don't usually like to use XMAS, I prefer CHRISTMAS, but I don't think I am up for having more children for the feet. Ha!Ha! So it will have to do!
What do you think? Which photo is your favorite? The one of them looking at each other or the one of them looking at the camera?
Please share below in comments!
Hope you like them. You sure saw enough of the same pictures. LOL At least they all have different names on them.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to check out Jamie's gift idea this Thursday!