Dad's Favorite T-Shirt

My kiddos love to draw on daddy's back with body crayons. LOL The only problem with that is, it's messy. The body crayons are fun and I didn't want them to not be able to do something fun with their daddy. So when I saw this idea HERE. I knew it would be fun for all of them.

We made ours by just looking at the original photo and just hand drawing it on. I used a pencil, then used fabric pens to finish. If you don't want to draw them on, you can visit The Blue Basket to use their printouts.

Here is our shirt. The fabric pens bleed a bit, but it still turned out great. Plus the kiddos and daddy love it!
We added a bit more to ours. A Welcome to "Daddyville" Sign with a population. 37 MPH sign (all the kids ages added up). We also added Dad's Favorite T-shirt to the front.
Don't they look like they are having fun!?!